CAD Services

2D CAD Drafting

Our team can assist you by delivering high quality 2D CAD deliverables to suit your project requirements. We have experience working with a variety of disciplines on numerous types of drawings. Some of experience is listed below.


  • Drainage Layouts
  • Earthworks Cut and Fill
  • Geotechnical Profiles
  • HDD General Arrangements and Profiles
  • Platform Extension General Arrangements
  • Rail Gauging Layouts
  • RC Detailing
  • Structural Steelwork General Arrangements


  • BLDs
  • Cable Routing Diagrams
  • Loops
  • SLDs
  • Termination Drawings


  • Dosing Skid General Arrangements
  • Fabrication General Arrangements
  • HVAC Layouts
  • Isometrics
  • PIDs
  • Piping Layouts and Schedules

CAD Management

CAD management is a critical part of the process, but many companies struggle with CAD standardisation. This is where we come in, offering you an easy way to bring up your CAD standard to the correct level. If you lack a present CAD standard, then we can assist you in the development of one as soon as you require our help. Whatever challenges you face when it comes to CAD management, our expertise and insight can assist.

The biggest challenge you can face when it comes to CAD management stems from creating a standard you can use time and time again. From layering systems to custom blocks, title blocks to CTBs, our CAD standard documentation can be an essential tool in making sure you can execute projects with ease.

If you have any problems at all in developing a meaningful CAD management service that makes sense, you should turn to our team for support, advice, and information.

BIM & CAD Specialists in the North East

Got a task for us? Need a hand turning your idea into a genuinely provable concept backed up with CAD and BIM content? Then get in touch with us today. We can make sure you fully understand exactly what you are getting when you hire us. No matter what challenges your project presents, our team will be more than happy to adapt and adjust. Contact us today and find out how we can make your CAD outsourcing needs a reality.